What’s your story?

Welcome to Expanding the Narrative!

We share stories about what’s working in government. Personal stories from government employees and people from businesses and non-profits who partner with government agencies to learn more about their work and how it shapes the world we live in.

Too often that work goes unnoticed or is devalued. We want people to take notice and value the good work government does. We want citizens to want to invest in government services.

We’ve launched this site to share stories that describe who we are, the world we live in, our impact on it, and our vision for what we want to create together.

We want to hear your stories. If you have a personal story of the challenges and rewards of working for and with government, of serving the public, please send it to us in about 500 words.

Your story might be about you or someone you know who did something that made a difference in someone else’s life. Maybe you learned valuable lessons about leadership while driving a bus. Or perhaps you work with youth who gain practical work skills while caring for a local watershed. Or maybe the way you greet clients at the front desk of a public health clinic creates a welcoming, caring place for recent immigrants seeking medical care.

Yes, there are challenges working in government. And there are amazing people who transform those challenges into better results for their co-workers and the people they serve in our community.

Email your questions or personal stories to Doug Nathan at doug.nathan@kingcounty.gov.