Way to go!

I enjoy my job as a Chief in the Vehicle Maintenance section of King County Metro Transit. We are responsible for cleaning, service, and keeping Metro buses on the road. I look forward every day to coming to work and facing the daily challenges in the shop: personnel issues, sign out, BO buses, hold sheet, reports, parts, scheduling inspection, steamers… and the list goes on and on.

The biggest part of my job as a Chief is to listen to employees’ requests and complaints and be creative as much as possible to solve problems and iron out complaints to keep my employees happy, involved, and productive. That can be challenging at times. And I’m confident that every level of management agrees with me that this is the most challenging part of our job as managers. With all the challenges and the hard work we do on a daily basis, I always look forward for my weekends or some time off (vacation) so I’m more relaxed and ready for more rounds.

A couple of weeks ago as I was walking to the shop I asked myself, “What will today’s challenge be?” When I arrived at my office I found a sealed envelope on my desk with my name on it. I opened the envelope and what I found inside made my day.Sai

It was a letter of commendation for my Lead Equipment Service Worker (ESW) Sai Sagapolu (that’s his photo) from one of our Central Base Operators. It read:

I’ve been meaning to write this one all shake-up or before but would like to have this put in his file and commendation for ‘Sai’ our south yard (Central) hostler and lead. He is always so helpful, informative, kind and good natured. If he ever has a bad day, he doesn’t show it. He always answers questions and helps out – even one time that I had asked others multiple times and filled out paper reports (no answer-even to this date and that was last year) about where is the coach damage report box for south yard? No one would ever get back to me about it.

Finally one night coming in after frustration of not having a place when pulling out of the yard to deposit it, Sai is the only one that came through. He described what it looks like (camouflaged – looks like an electrical utility box) and moved into a new location. I could never find it until he pointed it out. No one else would answer the easy question (plus one doesn’t want to be blamed for someone else’s damage!). Sai is an all-around helpful trustworthy coworker employee!

People like Sai make this organization successful and a good place to work so we can continue serving the public. And a great part of my job is being able to find ways to thank him for his professionalism and dedication to his job. Sharing his story is a good way to do that!