This story symposium is sponsored by the King County Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) with support from the King County Office of Equity and Social Justice and Pinchot University.

The Office of ADR provides early resolution of workplace conflicts through a variety of dispute resolution processes. We offer timely, cost-effective ways to:

  • resolve problems early between individuals and within work groups
  • develop conflict resolution systems within organizations
  • facilitate cooperation between unions and management
  • mediate grievances
  • avoid litigation

Our services include mediation, training, and facilitation to King County agencies and employees. We also operate the Inter-Local Conflict Resolution Group (ILCRG), a consortium of government agencies, labor unions, and volunteer professionals that provides dispute resolution services to its members at no cost.

We are constantly exploring and creating innovative approaches to conflict engagement. We’ve used stories and storytelling to create meaningful, sustainable change for individuals, groups, and organizations.

With this symposium, we want to expand the narrative we share with each other about the value and impact of government. By gathering, we hope to create space for government employees and our community partners to explore, shape and share stories that expand our understanding of the true value of public service.

The Office of Equity and Social Justice supports and works with King County leadership, employees and local and national partners to advance practices, strategies and policies that promote fairness, justice and opportunity for all.

Pinchot University gives visionary leaders the business and innovation skills to take on social, environmental and economic problems. They offer MBAs in sustainable business as well as certificates in sustainable energy, food and agriculture, and cooperative business.

For questions about the symposium, please contact Doug Nathan.